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Making the Switch to a Cleaner Dishwashing Soap

  • March 30, 2018
  • By MJ
Making the Switch to a Cleaner Dishwashing Soap

I finally made the switch to cleaner, safer dish detergent and I’m not looking back. I don’t know why it took me so long to check the ingredients list on my Kirkland Dish Soap, maybe it was because ignorance is bliss sometimes. I’m loving my recent switch to the cleaner ingredient Sal Suds by Dr. Bronners.  I pretty much love all their products, and am so thankful that they choose to take the path less traveled when it comes to maintaining the integrity and safety of their ingredients. What are you using for dish soap? Have you checked the ingredients yet? Beware all the companies that love to greenwash us into believing they would never use Fragrance or other toxic chemicals in their products.

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By MJ, March 30, 2018
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