Hosting and Event


How multi-hosted events work:

– Events are live for orders up to 30 days after the live tutorial.
– Host orders must be placed before the event closes at 30 days. There is no wiggle room here, they MUST be placed before the 30 day mark.
– Each host has her unique storefront link and earns separate rewards. I will email you this link and post it in the event.
– Each host is eligible for all giveaways during the event (usually one giveaway for commenting on posts and another for catching the live)
– If any of your guests have questions please feel free to post it in the event and tag me for a reply. You can also private message me and I’m happy to answer all their questions.
– If none of your guest order during the event please know that it happens. However, I will send you $5 crunchi cash referral bonus when they order down the road, and if your event is already closed for orders. It is completely normal for friends to think it over and wait for their current makeup stash to run low before switching. That’s why I give out referral bonuses.

How to invite:

– INVITE! INVITE! INVITE! On average, 60% of people invited to an event will actually attend. So if you want 30 people at your event, invite 50! (& so on…)

– MAKE IT PERSONAL! There is power in personal invitations! Resist the urge to send a bulk text or a mass message. Personalize your invite to your guest and let them know their attendance is valuable to you.
– DON’T say the word Crunchi when you invite!! I know it sounds weird, but I guarantee you will have a better response if you keep our brand name out of the conversation. It creates interest and mystery which results in a lot higher response rate.
– DON’T say the word Crunchi when you post on your personal facebook feed (including the comments). Trust me, it works. Just take the conversation to private messenger to invite them to the workshop.
– Use images that don’t show the brand name Crunchi in them. Creating curiosity is our mission here.
– Use my sample curiosity posts to generate interest for the workshop. Change the wording to suit your own style and personality.

How to interact during the event.

– Make sure you turn on notifications so you catch all the posts during the event
– Comment on all the posts, it will help keep our workshop visible in your friend’s feed
– Even if your friend(s) don’t RSVP “YES” they can still see what we are up to on their feed and follow along. It is completely normal to have lurkers.
– Tag your friends that RSVP’d “YES” in posts to improve engagement. It also helps our workshop stay visible in their feed.
– Encourage your friends to join my “Healthy Crunchy Living group” if they want a free sample pack. The sooner they get their sample packs, the sooner they can try the product and report back to the workshop on their initial impressions.
– Attend the LIVE!! Tag your friends during the live or message them before it starts!! Comment on what you love about Crunchi during the live!!


Example Private Message Invites:

– I’m so excited … I’ve found a healthy, non-toxic, high-performing makeup line that fits the healthy lifestyle I have been working towards!  I am hosting an online toxin free workshop online to help others learn what to look for when making their own safe product swaps. I will send you an invite in case your are interested in joining us for makeup giveaways and ideas on how to clean up your home/products!

– I have recently found out that there are so many harmful ingredients in our cosmetic products, cleaning products, etc.. So I found some new, safe, high performing products that I thought you would also like to check out with me. Please join me in finding out more about safer cosmetics (insert event link).

VERBIAGE: Example Curiosity posts for your facebook feed: ( you can decide for yourself if you want to mention the workshop in your curiosity post or just wait for responses and private message them more details) These posts go great with selfies!! Your friends want to see you!! You will get substantially more “likes” and comments when posting a selfie as opposed to a generic product image. If you just can’t brave a selfie than use one of the images I included that don’t show the Crunchi branding.

– “3 minutes later, all using safe, high quality (toxin free) products. Makeup doesn’t have to be a big process. It can be as easy as a great moisturizer, concealer, powder, blush, brows, mascara and a little lipgloss  The older we get the more careful we need to be with our product choices, if you are interested in how to go about making safer swaps in your own life message me or join my online toxin free workshop”

– My absolute favorite, clean, toxin free, makeup line. If you want a chance to win some free makeup goodies all while learning more about safe cosmetics make sure and message me for more details. Making the switch to cleaner makeup never felt this good. I am so thankful I found this brand when I did.

– I LOVE my current makeup brand! It is by far the best feeling foundation I have ever worn. I went from never wearing makeup (not even mascara), because I hated the way it made my skin feel, to wearing makeup every day because it feels so amazing on my skin. Good ingredients make all the difference. My skin never felt better, and all I did was change my makeup brand. I love safe, high performance makeup.

– Are you ready to switch to #Toxinfree makeup?? Have you tried before and never been happy with the performance of your green, clean, products? THIS is the most amazing line of clean, toxin free makeup I have found. As a photographer, performance is very important to me. I need a product that I can recommend to my clients that looks good on camera, has good coverage, and will last all day long.

– “Did you know… women apply hundreds of toxic chemicals to their face every day and most don’t even know it? So thankful a friend shared this with me and how I can avoid harmful ingredients, promote health and slow down my aging process! Do you * really* know what you’re putting on your skin? Since that ah-ha moment I have learned so much, not just about skin care products, but about all kinds of products that are just plain safer. If you want to know more about simple, safe, swaps join my toxin free workshop that I am hosting. Message me for more details.”

– “Fact: Seven months ago I was using over 100 toxins on my face every single day. I lost count at 100. I can’t make that stuff up. These ingredients were endocrine disruptors, toxic to my reproductive system, immunotoxins, neurotoxins, and linked to cancer. Fact: Today I use zero. ZERO toxins. Again, I can’t make this stuff up. ”

– “You already know that I LOVE… toxin free makeup!! Wanna know what I love even MORE? Free makeup giveaways available for everyone. Message me for more details, I would love to share.

– “My skin has never been happier since switching my makeup! I couldn’t even wear foundation before without breaking out…. until NOW. Yay, for safe, clean cosmetics that not only truly perform but nourish my skin!”

Examples of wording when describing the Crunchi products.

– Made with certified organic ingredients
– Made with a combination of safe, certified organic, and ecocert ingredients

Examples of follow up private messages:

– “Hi Sarah! I just wanted to thank you so much for being a part of Amy’s educational beauty workshop! I hope you’re finding the information valuable and please feel free to let me know if you have any questions!”


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